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Creating real value in property and placesGENNARI GROUP :

The aim of Gennari Group is to contribute to territorial and urban development in full compliance with the laws and especially with the environment.
Our properties are distinguished by their highly prized real estate and the use of innovative and eco-sustainable building materialsthat contribute to improving the environment.

This is because for us, BUILDING means creating comfortable spaces for our clients to live in paying particular attention to the value a house can bring to a fulfilling family life. Considering all the demands of living, we hope to exalt and improve your life with our work, creating "THE HOUSE OF YOUR DREAMS".

What our works are known for are the attention to detail and the vision that is the culmination of all their parts.

Gennarigroup points to the future BUILDING TODAY BUT THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE.

Properties in Grottaferrata :

Gennarigroup develops and sells its own properties, which are distinguished by the quality of selected materials and high quality fittings. A comfortable and functional housefor all seasons.
We offer a wide catalog of various property types including various types of villas in prestigious residential contexts.
We guarantee the direct sales without brokerage fees.
Come and choose your dream villa at the best price on the market !

Creating real value in property and places !